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The Hudyaka sa Panglao takes place on August 28th every year in the grounds of its parish church. The ten barangays of the municipality compete fiercely with each other to see which is the best of the best. Its own dance festival brings back ex-Panglao residents from all over the world, and instead of making a day of it, the music and dance lovers of Panglao try and make a whole week of it…and more. Actually, they take nine days and the whole town has a festive atmosphere with parties all over the place.

What distinguishes Catigbian from other towns is its annual festival, the Katigbawan. A week-long festival comprising various activities like carabao-racing, hog-catching, agrofair, motorcross and a search for Miss Katigbawan. This affair happens only in June.

A 10-day fiesta in the month of May commemorating the Municipality of Calape's rich ancestry and devotion to the San Vicente Ferrer, its town saint and the Calapenhons "pahinungod" (offer) to come home annually. Highlights include Search for Miss Calape, a One-Night Dace Concert and a street dancing.

The Pandayan Festival is held at Barangay Lonoy, Jagna to celebrate the canonical erection or the parochial anniversary of St. Joseph the Worker Parish. All eight upland barangays of Jagna which is under the parochial jurisdiction of the Parish participates in the activities. Activities include a nine-day novena in honor of the patron saint, a procession of the image of St. Joseph the Worker, Carpentry and Handicrafts Fair, an inter - barangay basketball tournament and last but not least, the street dancing competition.

This is a music and dance festivity depicting the history, folklore, and traditions of the Loboc, BoholBolibong Kingking is a term applied to the drums and gongs and their rhythm used to accompany the supplication dance ritual in front of the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the 2nd Patron of Loboc, Bohol.